Monday, March 28, 2011

Canvas Scripture :)

My sister just had her first baby shower a couple of weeks ago, and I knew that I wanted to do something extra special for her sweet little bundle.  :)  I made STARTED making a cross-stitch birth announcement for my daughter before she was born and considered making one of those for the shower.  Since she's 11 months old, and I STILL haven't finished that, I figured it wouldn't be a good idea to start one for my little nephew.  ;)

I thought of a couple of ideas, and then I saw a painted canvas with the PERFECT scripture.  I immediately decided that this was the idea I had been waiting for... and I can't take credit for it.  Totally God, my friends. ;)  Here's the finished product.

I didn't take any pictures while I was making it, but it wasn't very difficult once I realized how I wanted to do it.  First I sketched up what I wanted on paper, then tried to design it a little on paint.  That's right--I used that super old program that is on every computer because it was all I had.  ;)  Don't worry--I have awesome skills with that program.  I mean, this picture below speaks volumes...

I drew this in '04.. so no, this was not recent, aaaaand I was 20 years old.  What can I say?  Easily entertained.  Don't judge me.  If I was THIS awesome then, you can imagine the talent I have for this program now.  ;)  I was going for the whole "Duck Hunt" (think Nintendo) dog here.  I'm not sure where the lion and deer came from.  I guess I just wanted more animals.  Who knows...

ANYWAY... here is the sketch I made...

This helped me decide which colors to use where, and things like that.  Next, I just used a pencil and ruler to measure the outside line, and then of course, all the other lines.  I didn't have a method for choosing how big the lines should be.  I just chose whatever looked right and made sure they were straight!  ;)

I used acrylic paint, and then just used a paint marker to write the scripture.  I knew it would be WAY too hard to do that with a paintbrush!  It's not perfect, but it was good enough for me.  :)  I'm planning on making one for my daughter out of girly colors, but I haven't decided on a scripture yet.  I want it to be one that she reads over and over again until it's "written on her heart".  :)  Whenever I get around to doing that, I'll post that one as well.

I'm really wanting to open an etsy shop, but I don't know if I have time to do that.  I'm thinking that for now, I may just finish the things I'm trying to make for my daughter (such as her cross-stitch!) and then maybe make a few things for the shop??  I don't know--it sounds super fun, but I also don't want something fun to become a chore...ya know?  Only time will tell... :)

Well, on that note--I hear the princess awakening from her nap.  In the meantime, I have done nothing but wash diapers and blog.  Oh well.  ;)

Have a happy week!!  :)

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