Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 Animal Alphabet Friends Flashcards

We actually started a year ago with a little bit of pre-k.  This wasn't necessary in my opinion, but I was excited about doing something organized with my little ones, and my oldest was enthusiastic about it as well.  So, I started doing a Letter of the Week type of curriculum that I pieced together.  The main resources I used for this was Animal Alphabet Friends flashcards by Abeka, with the CD of songs to teach letter sounds.  This was actually a gift for the girls at Christmas, and they LOVED it.  My oldest was four at the time, and learned all of her letter sounds super fast because of the songs.  :)  I'll definitely use those again!  The flashcards are a little expensive in my opinion, and my oldest may have learned quickly with the CD alone, but they did enjoy the pictures with the songs.

I printed a ton of stuff from Confessions of a Homeschooler for free.  She actually has a Letter of the Week curriculum all put together that you can purchase for $15, but she offers a lot of the printables for free.

We did several printables and tried to do a craft at the end of the week.  My favorite was "E is for Elephant" hats, found here.  It was hilarious!

We actually only made it to letter K before we dwindled off, because I was in my third trimester with baby #3.  I considered picking it up again, but we never did.  We went ahead and moved on to Kindergarten in the fall.  I'll write about that in a separate post.  :)


Well, we have pretty much abandoned this blog as life happened, but I (Jennifer) am back, at least for this post.  We'll see if I keep it up.  ;)

My oldest is in Kindergarten this year, and when she was 2 years old, the idea of homeschooling popped into my head.  I rejected the idea for the most part, and don't even know why it came to mind.  Well, clearly it was the Lord.  Even as I rejected it, I was drawn to the idea and was curious about it.  However, my oldest was only two at the time, so, that wasn't a pressing issue!

Over the next couple of years I toyed with the idea.  I eventually got to where I planned on it, and then I decided against it, and then, I planned on it once again.

So, here we are.  Homeschooling.

I'm not interested in going into our reasons for doing homeschooling in this post.  It's a personal decision for every family, and one that should be God-lead.  This is what we feel is best for our family at this time.  :)

If you don't homeschool, then this is likely boring for you to read, but if you do, well, it still may be boring to read, ha!  However, I really enjoy reading other homeschooling blogs, especially as I research curriculum.  So, perhaps this will help somebody in some way down the road.