Friday, March 11, 2011

Onions, Onions, and More Onions!

Probably one thing you have learned so far with this blog is that Jennifer is the creative one out of the two of us (although I am working on a crocheting project!).  However, I do LOVE looking at crafty blogs, so maybe I'll become more creative as time goes on.  This blog, as you can probably tell by the title is about onions!  And honestly, right now, my eyes are still recovering from my battle with the onions.  This might also be an opinion review over a new kitchen gadget I have.  I'll explain about it below.

So, a few months ago, onions were pretty almost $2.00 a pound!  Today, I found them for 8 pounds for $1 -- oh, how it put a smile on my face!  We cook with onions a lot around here.  But don't worry -- we're good about brushing our teeth!  I could have gone crazy with the onions and bought lots more than what I did, but I refrained.  I ended up buying about three pounds for about $0.40.

This is the new kitchen gadget I have.  I actually came across it at my mother's house.  She got it at a garage sale who knows when and had forgotten she had it, so she just gave it to me.

A little side note:
I used to HATE peeling onions (and even now, they're not on my top 10 favorite things to do in the kitchen), but I've learned a better way to peel onions.  It is pretty much a "duh" thing, but just in case you need a "duh" moment and you hate peeling onions too, I'll help you out.  First, cut off one (or you can do both) ends of the onion.

See...I put pictures up to help ;)  Next, cut it in half lengthwise. 

Then, just peel the outer skin off!  Much easier this way.  Saves me a lot of frustration...even though I should have thought of this way earlier.  So, if you are like me and sometimes don't think of the obvious, hope that helps!

So, I put the onion halves in the chopper and chopped away and came out with this amount in which will be stored in our freezer:

I actually thought I would have more from six onions, so I may have to go buy some more tomorrow.  Now, when I need chopped onions to throw in a recipe, they will be ready to go!

My review on the product:  I definitely wouldn't have paid more than a few bucks on it.  You have to used some strength to push the handle part down to completely chop the onion.  My electric chopped probably can do it just as good for less energy on my part.  However, it does say that that it can do potato fries, so I may try it out.  It also has another attachment that cuts up the veggies finer.  So...that's my opinion.  If you can get it for just a few bucks (or free like I got it) and you have room for yet another kitchen gadget, then go for it.

One more thing -- I got the onions from a Hispanic market.  We have one really close to our apartment.  I never thought about doing any of my shopping there, but we get their flyer in the mail and they have really good deals, especially on vegetables.  They often have specials for avocados for 8-10 for $1, and of course, specials on onions.  It's also where I get my 30 count eggs for $1.88.  So, anyways, if you have a Hispanic market close by, it may not hurt to check it out!

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  1. Sorry the chopper didn't work as well as you hoped, but it was free after all. ;) But I enjoyed this blog and learned something. :)


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