Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For my fellow Mama's..

I remember how naive I was before M was born.  I knew motherhood would be difficult.

Sure, I would be short on sleep.

Sure, I wouldn't get to sleep late anymore.

Sure, I would have to take care of this tiny little person 24/7.

That was pretty much the extent of my knowledge.  Sometimes I wonder if I would have rather known how difficult those first weeks would be, but I doubt it.  You can't understand until you experience it yourself, and as they say, ignorance is bliss!  What new pregnant mommy wants to hear all the difficult stuff that she'll be facing??  I just wanted to look at all the adorable little dresses and hair bows and imagine how fun it would be to dress M up!  :)

On a side note, if you ARE a pregnant mommy, or a new one at that, know that it DOES get much easier.  It's a difficult adjustment at first, or at least it was for me, but then you begin to get in the swing of things, and watch this tiny person develop their own adorable personality.  :)  M is only 14 months old, but I'm already beginning to understand that motherhood is the most challenging, and most rewarding thing that I'll ever do.  One of my friends told me that when I was a newlywed, while I was babysitting for her.  :)  It's so true, and I'm still in the beginning.  :)  So, if you're in those early stages and need somebody to talk to, please don't be afraid to contact me.  I'm no expert by any means, but if I can help at all, then I'd love to be a friend.  :)

All that being said, I'm just curious about what y'all think are the most important things to remember when you're a mama.  What do you tell yourself on the hard days?  What kind of 'motto' do you try to live up to?

I guess it's only fair for me to share my thoughts.  My (our) ultimate desire is to raise our child(ren) to know and love the Lord.  I really can't emphasize enough how important that is to us.

I try to remember that having M is a huge blessing that the Lord didn't have to give to me.  I try to keep things in perspective by knowing that when she makes a big mess, it isn't the end of the world by any means.  I try to remember all the women who would love to be in my shoes with their own little one.  When I just want a moment to myself to get out of the house, I try to remember that it's a blessing to stay home with her while my husband works.  I try to remind myself that these days will pass very quickly, and I'll miss them very much.

Motherhood is a precious gift, and I'm thankful that God has blessed me in this way.  I only pray that He'll give me the wisdom, unconditional love and grace to raise her, and any other children He blesses us with, in a way that will please Him and help them to know Him.  :)

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