Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blessings Canvas

I try to be a positive person, but I definitely have my glass half empty moments.  Sometimes I'm just frustrated because my daughter won't eat her lunch, or just threw her food all over my shirt.  In those moments, I sometimes feel the need to walk into another room and just let out a little yell... but I don't really want to handle my frustrations that way. I know that I'm human, so I will get frustrated at times, but I want to focus on something that is very important.

I am blessed.

Sometimes I get a rude awakening when I see the difficult things that others are experiencing, like the poor victims of all the tornadoes.  I get frustrated when I can't clean the house as well as I'd like, but I have a home.

I feel frustrated when I want to do something (such as finishing this blog), but I can't, because my daughter is demanding my attention.  I have a sweet baby girl.

I may get annoyed with my husband at times, but I have a wonderful, loving husband.

I don't know why I have been blessed in so many ways, because I don't deserve all of this.  It doesn't seem fair that some people have so little when I've been given so much.  All I can say that I am blessed because of God's grace.

Instead of complaining, I want to remember that I am blessed, and I want to focus on my blessings rather than things that make me feel down.

This is why I decided to make a blessings canvas.  I'm going to hang it up where I can see it multiple times a day, and hopefully, when I'm starting to feel frustrated because M has once again pulled all of the tupperware out of the cabinet (although honestly, this doesn't bother me!), I will smile and be reminded of God's grace in my life.

So, here is how I made it.  :)  You also get to see the 'oopsies' I made, as well.  ;)

First, I just drew a border and a rectangle in the center using a ruler.  After I painted it, I lightly drew a couple of pencil lines (with a ruler) to make sure my words were straight.  ;)  I traced the pencil markings with a paint marker, because I'm just not sure that I have the skills to use a paintbrush for the words.  ;)  

I also painted a thin red border around the whole thing, but it didn't look right to me.  So, I decided to paint over the words and try again.  (I actually thought it looked kinda cool with one coat of paint covering the words.  I think that might be fun for a different project, but for this one, I wanted to make sure that you could read all of the 'blessings' God has given us!)

I decided to scatter out the words, move the hearts up a little bit, and paint the entire border red.  

I still didn't think it looked quite right though, so I experimented a little bit.  I thought it might look good if I used a sponge brush to add a little beige paint to the border, to give it a bit of a rustic look.  Only, I don't have a sponge.  So, I had to improvise!  (My hubby and I have learned that using what you have is a survival skill when you live out in the middle of nowhere)  ;)

I ended up grabbing a paper towel, folding it up, painting a light layer of paint onto a small section, and then dabbing it around the edges.  Worked like a charm!  :)

You can check out my other painted canvas here, and here is where I party! :)

Have a happy, blessed day!!  :)


  1. This turned out so lovely. I think everyone needs a blessings canvas. Thank you for sharing yours

  2. (I agree that everyone needs one, that is...) ;)


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