Friday, October 14, 2011

A New Beginning... (Part Three)

On August 8th, J decided to apply for another job with the same company.  They had another position that he qualified for, that would be open until filled.  That sounds promising, right?  If J was qualified and they liked him, why wouldn’t they give him the job, or at least call him for an interview?  So, we continued to wait on the first job, but now we had another option.  I felt confident that we were going to ‘Auburn’, I just wasn’t sure that this was the job the Lord had in mind. 

Days kept passing, and we never heard anything.  We figured no news was good news, so we kept praying.  One day I just decided to go look up the listing of one of the jobs he applied for.  I noticed that at the bottom of the webpage, it said that background checks would be run on finalists.  They had sent him a form to fill out for a background check, so this was very encouraging news to us!  I thought it was really strange that I even noticed that sentence.  I had only skimmed the job description, but I happened to notice that.  I truly believe that this was the Lord giving us the tiniest bit of encouragement to keep holding on and knowing that He was leading us. 
On August 17th, the first job posting was taken down.  We weren’t sure if that was good or bad, but J was still hopeful.  I wasn’t feeling very hopeful about it, although I still believed we would get to ‘Auburn’ eventually.  It was a little stressful at times, believing that something would happen, while not knowing how or when it would actually happen!  All we could do was keep having faith and praying!

The next day, we had a setback.  We found out the second job had been filled, but we still hadn’t heard anything about the first job.  

A couple of days later, J asked me if I thought he should apply for other jobs in ‘Auburn’.  I told him yes, because again, I was never sure that he was meant to have a job at the first place.  He applied for another job or two, but we didn’t think much about them.  On August 27th, he found a job listing on craigslist.  The website of the job posting mentioned that their company was built on ‘Biblical Principles’ in their mission statement.  This was very appealing to us, so J wrote a short email and included his resume.  On his other cover letters or emails when applying for jobs, he had tried to catch their attention by telling them reasons why he would be a good match for their company.  This time, he decided to write a minimal amount in his email, trusting that if this was where the Lord wanted him, then He would make it happen.  In other words, he surrendered all control to the Lord.  If it DID happen, that would give us even more reason to believe that it was all the Lord’s doing, not our own.  We felt good about this one.

The very next day, he got a call for an interview!  It was funny, because we had been waiting so long, but I wasn’t very surprised when he called to tell me about the interview.  Obviously, the Lord had given us peace and confidence about this job.  

Later, we were discussing a passage from the Bible that J had read earlier.  It was Mark 8:14-21.  In this passage, Jesus had just fed thousands of people from only 7 loaves of bread, and a few small fish.  Not only that, but they had seven baskets of bread left over after everyone had been fed!  Look a few verses down…

The disciples had forgotten to bring bread, except for one loaf they had with them in the boat. 15 “Be careful,” Jesus warned them. “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod.”
 16 They discussed this with one another and said, “It is because we have no bread.”
 17 Aware of their discussion, Jesus asked them: “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not see or understand? Are your hearts hardened? 18 Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember? 
19 When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many basketfuls of pieces did you pick up?”
   “Twelve,” they replied.
   20 And when I broke the seven loaves for the four thousand, how many basketfuls of pieces did you pick up?
 They answered, “Seven.
 21 He said to them, “Do you still not understand?”

Translation:  "I'm taking care of this.  Wait on my timing."

This is what we felt like He was saying to us.  He has proven Himself to us again and again, which sounds silly, because He's God.  He doesn't HAVE to prove Himself to ANYONE.  Our five years of marriage have been very adventurous with all the things He has done in our life together.  There have been so many times that we have done things that seemed crazy, but He gave us the boldness to do it, and He has always blessed us for following Him.  So, here we were again, about to do something crazy, and waiting on His timing.  Why shouldn't we trust Him with this??  His timing is perfect, because He sees everything that we can't see yet.  

God's timing is perfect.  You'll see what I mean soon!  :)  To be continued...

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!  :)

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