Friday, May 20, 2011

Future 'Big Girl' Room

To answer your first question--no, this is not a fun way of telling you that I'm expecting again.  I'm just planning ahead, because it's fun to think about!  :)

M has a Winnie-the-Pooh nursery, and I love it, because it's perfect for a girl OR boy, except for her pink curtains, of course.  I HAD to add as much pink as I could get away with in there.  ;)  I would have loved to go all out and do a girly nursery full of pink and purple butterflies, but I restrained myself and tried to be practical.  (Now watch us have all girls..)  ;)

My time is coming though... eventually Little Miss will need to move to her new big girl room, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't super excited about going all out with girly decor in her room!  These plans won't be carried out anytime soon, but I just want to share my ideas and plans with y'all.  Of course, what makes this slightly MORE interesting is that I'm trying to plan on a budget, because we can't exactly buy her brand new everything for her room.  So, we'll either be making most of these things or getting them online really cheap!  Craigslist will probably be our best friend when it comes to her furniture.  ;)

So, here are my thoughts... pink, pink and more pink.  Elegant pink though, not hot pink.  (I don't think my husband could handle that..)  Here is what I'm thinking about for her bedding.  I probably won't go with this bedding exactly, because it may not even be in stock by the time we get this going, but you'll get an idea of the style I'm looking for.  I actually have a different set in mind, but I'm keeping that one a secret, in case I decide to go ahead and get that one later on.  ;)

From Walmart

I have no plans for furniture, because I highly doubt that I will have the luxury of being picky about that, but I THINK I would like white or beige furniture, if I had my pick.  My big sis and I had that color furniture in our bedroom when we were little, and it's just so very girly.  :)  I DO know that I would like some super cute knobs to go on her dresser, like these below.  I probably won't get these unless I can find some really cheap ones, but they're just so cute!!  Plus, if you know me, I HAVE to have some butterflies in her room.  :)

Girls' Knob Collection
You can find these knobs at Pottery Barn Kids
On the same note, I also love these hanging hooks!!

Butterfly Hooks & Flower Hooks
These can also be found at Pottery Barn Kids
I already have her curtains depending on what color her bedding is and if it will match.  I'm ALMOST done with her curtains!  Just have to finish the tie-backs and then I'll blog about that.  :)  (In case you don't know, these are her curtains BEFORE I gave them a makeover to fit her new windows)

I'm loving the whole organize-your-room-with-cute-baskets trend, like below.

You can find these baskets at
For books, we have a bookshelf that we could move into her new room, or we could do something like this, which looks pretty easy and SUPER cute.  :)  It's made of fabric!!  How fun!!  

You can get a tutorial at the Penny Carnival blog
For a lamp or two, I want to get a couple of old ones and redecorate the shades with ruffles, like the one shown below.  Of course, I would use fabric to match her bedding.

Tutorial at Homemaker in Heels (Can you tell I'm obsessed with blogs??)
Just for the fun and cuteness of it, I might like to make a flower wreath like the one below.

From Blissful Meandering Blog
Also on her blog, I just saw this idea, and I totally want to do this!!!  How cute would these be?!

Blissful Meandering
I also am loving the idea of adding some chalkboard paint to the walls somewhere.  Maybe not a whole wall, but at least a small section??  It's just so cool!  Or, would that be a bad idea??  Would she start writing all over the rest of the walls?  Hmm.. I'll have to think more on this one. 

Last, but certainly not least, I have to add MORE butterflies to her room.  I don't know if I would go this route or not, but I also have some hanging butterflies that I can just pin to the wall.  We'll see!

Butterfly Dance Wall Art Stencil
Cutting Edge Stencils
Then, of course, I also have a few other things I would hang up, like her cross-stitch, which I'm SO close to being done with!  (forgive my sentence structure.)  Plus, I'm going to paint a scripture for her like I did earlier for my precious nephew (I need to see him again!).  :)

So, those are my plans.  Can you tell that I've put WAY too much thought into this?  I tend to be a little obsessive when I get excited about something.  Now, the trick will be keeping all these ideas for when we actually make a new room for her down the road.  Remind me of all these things later, kay?  ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!!  :)

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