Saturday, February 26, 2011

Breakfast Pizza :)

Happy Saturday!!!  :)

I mentioned in my introduction that I love looking for the 'best' recipes.  I love searching on because they have ratings and reviews on each recipe, unless it's a new one.  I usually look for the recipes with the highest number of reviews and then check out the ingredients.  If it sounds good, and I have most if not all of the ingredients on hand, I might try it out.  I will warn you though--just because it has high reviews doesn't necessarily mean it's fabulous.  I think personal tastes can vary by region.  I mean, I love watching Rachael Ray's "30 Minute Meals", but I wouldn't make half or more of the things she cooks because a lot of her recipes seem really odd to me.  Of course, up where she lives, it may be really normal!  So, keep that in mind if you search that site.  ;)

In case y'all are trying to think of something super yummy for supper tonight, allow me to suggest a fabulous breakfast pizza!  (I kinda sound like a commercial...)  ;)

I LOVE pizza and I love having breakfast items for supper.  In fact, we eat warm breakfast items for supper more often that we do at breakfast.  I'm not super energetic first thing in the morning.  ;)  Anyway, I've tried a few breakfast casseroles and even a breakfast pizza before, but none of them tasted very good to me.  I think part of the problem was that although I do like eggs, I don't like them to be the main thing I taste in casseroles/breakfast pizzas.  So, once again, I began searching online for a good recipe.  I have no idea how I found this site, but I found some super fab Handheld Breakfast Pies.  You can go check out the recipe at that link.  What I noticed was that there is a small amount of eggs (only 5) in this recipe, so I figured I might like the taste better.  (In the pictures on the recipe link, it looks like there are a lot more eggs, but a lot of that is the cheesy gravy--YUM.)

She mentions in her post that these take a LOT of work.  The first time I tried this recipe I thought, "Well, it's a Saturday, I have my hubby to help me out with our daughter if I need him, so I'll give it a shot!".  I started around 5 and it took me about 3 hours from start to finish.  I mean, seriously.  I was pretty annoyed by the end of all of that and we were both feeling grumpy from hunger.  (I did have to take a little time to feed my daughter while I was making this, so all 3 hours weren't completely devoted to the recipe, but most of it was!)  I started out making the little pies all cute and nice, but then I got tired and started making them in whatever shape was easiest.  I didn't care if they were pretty--I just wanted to eat!  ;)  Anyway, we FINALLY finished (my husband ended up helping me roll out the crust) and they. were. AWESOME.  I mean, SO SO good!  Plus, there were plenty to last us a couple of more days, so that was nice too!  My husband ended up suggesting that I make one piece just as a little pizza to see how that tasted, and that tasted even better!  So, I decided that the next time I made this, I would just make it into a pizza and be done with it.  Sure enough, it was MUCH easier for me to do it that way, and it was delicious!  So, gather your ingredients and get cookin'!

A couple of notes:  You may be an old pro at making crust like this, but I had a VERY hard time with it the first time.  I put the stick butter in the mix cut up while it was still cold/hard, which made it SUPER hard to mix together.  Not fun.  The second time I let the butter get very soft before cutting it in, and that made it much easier.  It still took some work to get the crust smooth, and maybe there is a trick to that, but I don't know it.  So, if you have tips, feel free to share.  ;)  Also, when I made the pizza, only half the dough was needed, so I ended up freezing the other half so I don't have to do that part next time (yay!).  I do think it would have been better to cook the crust a few minutes before placing the toppings on it.  Our crust was still a little soft after I cooked it.  I still thought it tasted really good though.  In fact, I MIGHT like it better softer, but whatever floats your boat.  :)

Enjoy y'alls weekend!!  :)

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  1. I'll definitely have to try those -- look yummy! And if you saw on my FB post...we have LOTS of eggs to use :)


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