Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Fabulous Remodeled Bathroom :)

Well, it has taken about a year, but our bathroom is finally COMPLETELY remodeled, thanks to my oh-so-handy, precious husband.  :)  (I'm so proud of him, in case you haven't figured it out..)

I've mentioned before that our house needs a little love to get to where we would like for it to be, since half of it was built in the '40s.  The first room that needed to be tackled was the old bathroom.  It looked terrible.  The floor, the tub, the paint, the ceiling, you name it.  (It looked worse in person!)

Well, the vanity was nice.  ;)
Thankfully, the Lord provided my husband with a job in home remodeling while I was in graduate school.  He kept getting turned down for jobs that he should've really been able to get, and all the while, the Lord was saving this particular job for him.  If he hadn't had that job at the time, he wouldn't have been able to do all this work on our house.  I think it's amazing when the Lord does something in our lives, and we don't understand what He was doing until later on.  The Lord truly does work in amazing ways!  :)

Anyway, back the bathroom... I was not happy with it.  In fact, after seeing how disgusting the bathtub was, I refused to bathe or shower in it.  These stains can't be wiped away!

Of course, we have another shower, so that wasn't a problem.  We DID need a tub though, since we have a little one.  ;)

We ended up finding a bathtub exactly like I wanted on clearance (yay!!) at Home Depot.  The Lord is good!

Let the demolition begin...

My hubby began by pulling down the tile walls around the tub.  I'm not a fan of tile walls.  I think they look dirty, and are too hard to keep clean.  So, down they came!

He even found an old window behind the wall!  :)

He ended up pulling down all of the walls and the ceiling as well, because it was ceiling tile, which I also don't like.  I know I sound super picky.  I'm really not.  I could've lived with the tile walls and ceiling for a while, but since we were already remodeling the rest of the bathroom, this was the time to take it all down!

He moved in my beautiful bathtub, and once that was in, I was fine with the rest of the bathroom being ugly for the time being.  I was in love with my new tub.  Nothing fancy, but pretty, clean, and EASY to keep it that way!  *thumbs up*

Then, he put up new walls and did sheetrock for the ceiling as well.  It actually stayed this way for a while, and the project was on hold.  I was okay with that though.  It's funny how you get used to your surroundings, even if they don't look very good!  ;)

He applied texture to the ceiling and walls, and then painted the walls light blue.  I wanted a 'happy' bathroom.

Next came the floor.  My parents had some leftover tile from another bathroom that was remodeled in my grandparents' old house, so they gave that to us.  Score.  Once again, my fabulous hubby got to work putting down the tile.  He also added some new trim.

We put in a different toilet, because the other one broke early on.  We also bought a cheap toilet seat and some hanging accessories.  Gotta love Walmart!  :)

Ready for the fabulous 'after' shots?

I am in love!

Bye-Bye ceiling tile!

Bye-bye ugly faded yellow linoleum that no matter how many times I mopped it would never be clean!

Bye-bye scary disgusting tub!

Hello happy beautiful bathroom!  :)

We've been busy working on other projects as well, but those aren't ready to be unveiled yet.  ;)  Stay tuned, and have a happy Monday!

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  1. LOOKS WONDERFUL JENNIFER!!! You tell your hubby that he did a great job! Ms. Beverly F.

  2. Beautiful work! Love the happy colors! Jarrod did a great job :)

  3. That's a huge improvement! It looks so clean and fresh. Great job!


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